Lighthouse 4 Lempira

Lighthouse 4 Lempira is our child sponsorship program through our partnership with the Sowers4Pastors missionary ministry in Lempira, Honduras. Through this program, we are able to provide food, school supplies, Bible lessons, and more for over 1,000 children in Honduras. We need your help to show and share the love of Jesus with these children!

For $15 a month you are able to provide physically and spiritually for the child you sponsor. 


  • – 1 backpack filled with school supplies per year (you can choose to fill your own personalized backpack if you’d like)
  • – 2 meals per week
  • – Weekly Bible lessons
  • – School shoes
  • – 3 opportunities to exchange letters with your child per year

You will receive updated photos and profiles on your child once yearly. Profiles will be sent out via mail, and digital copies will be posted on the LH 4 Lempira Facebook page, along with photos of the children with their new backpacks. You can also find information by logging in to your Sowers4Pastors online account. Be sure to Like and Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on all of the occurences in the ministry!

You can access your online account at, and clicking Log In from the menu drop down. If this is your first time logging in, click the Reset Password button and follow the prompts to create a password for your account.

Generally, sponsors will receive and write letters in February, June, & October. This timeline is subject to change based on a number of factors, but sponsors will always receive email notification at least 2 weeks in advance of when letters will be collected.

Currently, we do not have a visitation aspect of our sponsorship program, however, LH sends a mission team at least once per year to perform a VBS curriculum for our sponsorship program. This would be a great opportunity to get involved and meet your sponsored child!

Enrollment in public school is free in Honduras, however, the steep cost of school supplies can be a great financial burden for many families. One year’s worth of school supplies costs nearly $100 USD to purchase in Honduras. For families who typically make only $1,000 per year, this is a huge expense…especially when many families have more than one child. Most families cannot afford this expense and are not able to send their children to school, or they are forced to choose only one of their children that they can afford to educate. Providing a backpack filled with school supplies, as well as school shoes, takes away the greatest financial burden of education, and essentially allows the child to go to school for free. For many, education is the pathway out of poverty!

No, sending a backpack to your child is completely optional. Sowers4Pastors will always fill a backpack for your child with all of the required school supplies, along with a few extra fun items and hygiene products. But many sponsors enjoy the feeling of hand-picking their child’s school supplies and other gifts, knowing their likes and dislikes from their profile and letters, and then seeing pictures of their child with those items when they receive them! Additionally, when you fill your own backpack, the Sowers are able to give the backpack they filled for your child to another child, who may not have received one otherwise.

Personalized backpacks are collected at LH around August/September each year, and the children will receive them in February, when their next school year starts up! Their school calendar revolves around the coffee harvesting season, so it’s different than ours.

You can find a list of everything that should be included in a backpack linked here. You are welcome to include any other fun gifts or clothes that you can fit inside as well! Please just refrain from any food, money, or anything that could potentially melt on the journey to Honduras!

No, unfortunately, due to the difficulty in shipping items to these remote mountain villages in Honduras, we do not have a way to accommodate these types of packages at this time. The backpacks are currently the one opportunity per year to send your child any gifts you would like them to have.

Sponsorships can be cancelled at any time for any reason. You are also welcome to continue your sponsor relationship with the child until they finish school. Sadly, many children in Honduras drop out after 6th grade in order to work and help support their families. But eliminating the financial burden of school supplies is a great encouragement for children to stay in school longer!

Sponsors are able to manage their accounts, including updating payment information and/or cancelling their sponsorship at any time via their online account at You may also email and she will handle your request personally.